India Gate Delhi to Gateway of India Mumbai

G2G – An Epic Cycle ride from Gate to Gate, from India Gate in New Delhi the capital city of India to Gateway of India, The financial capital of India.
As Ernest Hemingway said β€œ It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”
Started in 2016 by Dr Chiro Mitra under the banner of Delhi Randonneurs and India Endurance is association with NAGARRO always on the 3rd weekend of December, the ride has generated wide spread interest and fan following all over the world.
Since 2018 G2G is also accredited by World Ultra Cycling Association (WUCA)
G2G has hosted riders from as far as Australia, Sweden, England and USA in the last few edition besides from all over India congregating at India Gate start line.
The ride is of 1460 Kms from Gate to Gate be be finished in 5 nights and 6 days
Cold desert, undulating Aravalli mountains and unending highways will be conquered by mind, mettle and metal.
Traversing through the Princely state of Rajasthan, Majestic Gujrat and finally merging with Maharashtra, the diversity of the terrain, amalgamated by the diversity of its riders each year
G2G ride is not for the faint hearted- Grit, gut, gumption, sweaty training, core muscle building are what it takes to set oneself for this hardcore endurance ride of a lifetime. Its not a race but a cycle journey and meant to be enjoyed!
The riders on their supreme bikes and sporty attire will ride about 235-275 Kms everyday through 5 states with pit stops at Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and culminating this epic ride at hallmark Gateway of India, Mumbai
Why on a Cycle ?

Sustainable Mobility and Green Earth initiative with responsible usage of fuel resources by setting an example that if we could ride from Delhi to Mumbai then others can definitely ride from Home to workplace and reduce carbon footprints
This promotes physical wellbeing of riders and reduction in non-essential generation of emission by replacing fossil fuel consumption with pedalling for short distances
Covering a distance of 1460 kms –The Exhilaration of what an ENDURANCE cycle ride has to offer conjures a vast mix of emotions. It is one of the most unadulterated route which will allure every rider while paddling.

Crossing the borders of Rajasthan cutting through Thar Dessert, into Gujarat and Maharashtra climbing few thousand meters on unknown ,undiscovered roads & territory, language & culture and not to forget the weather conditions which may throw up plenty of obstacles!!! But who cares??? As long as it can raise the spirits and evoke a sense of trance and achievement crossing the vastness and diversity of North West merging into the western ghats of India. It may not be easy but it will be worth every moment traversing through these unknown territories on endless meandering and undulating roads, the numerous roadside Dhabas serving delectable local cuisines .

5 nights and 6 days of exhilarating experience with warm smiling people full of curiosity while riding through small rural towns and villages. to register visit :