A cycling club's activities vary from one aspect of cycle sport to a range of cycling and social activities. Racing clubs organise competitions for members and others, including track cycling, cyclo-cross, road bicycle racing and time trials). ... Riders often race in their club's colours.

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.”
Ernest Hemingway

Cycling is possibly the greatest and most pleasurable form of transport ever invented. Its like walking only with one-tenth of the effort. Ride through a city and you can understand its geography in a way that no motorist, contained by one-way signs and traffic jams, will ever be able to. You can whiz from one side to the other in minutes. You can park pretty much anywhere. It truly is one of the greatest feelings of freedom once can have in a metropolitan environment. It’s amazing you can feel this free in a modern city.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”



Bravet Populaire 100KM scheduled on 25th Sep 2020 Friday starting at 8:30 PM. Starting from Green Park, New Delhi Metro to KMP Ramp Manesar and Back to Green Park Metro. Total time 7.30 hrs. Audax India approved ride.

Be Unique

  • The Race will start and finish at Green Park Metro.
  • Flag off Timing will be 8.30PM.
  • Finish Time 4AM
  • Helmet, Water Bottle, Front and rear light is compulsory.
  • We will provide hydration support at fixed hydration points.


If you are admin or member of any cycling club, you may register your club in this website. It will help new cyclist to find nearby cycling club and opportunity to join them for regular rides. Our aim is to provide knowledge, infrastructure and motivation to promote cycling in India.

Eenjoy the ride

We will promote clubs on all social media platforms to get visible for nearby cyclist. Clubs will get more memberships and new riders will get motivation to drive their passion. We are providing pin code based search option for cyclists and clubs. It will help cyclist to get join daily/weekly group rides in their locality.

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Hello Cycle lovers in India. Whether you are a regular cyclist or just cycle occasionally. We want to promote cycling in India. Register yourself and share your experiences. It will help us to build a better cycling community

Be Healthy

Calling all the fitness freaks who love nature and hate stationary cycles!!! Nature lovers who get up before the Sun and ride the morning breeze.. this is often not just a gaggle .. its a life-style , where we kick starter our mornings by pedaling away weakness & laziness. Cycling is one among the simplest ways to shred fat without exerting pressure on knees or bones.. it's fun and addictive.. So all those that miss the corporate of fellow cyclists are welcome. Register Now

Passionate Cyclists

Drive by Passion

Dr. Pawan Dhingra

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

The Legend

 Dr. Pawan Dhingra from Ludhiana. An Orthopedic Surgeon by profession and a cyclist by passion. As of today he has completed 94 Brevets including 22 Super Randonnuer Series, 2 brevets each of 1000 km and 1200 km, one brevet of 1400km once. He has also participated and finished Paris-Brest-Paris in 89 hrs 35 min ( LF in 84 hrs category).

Sukant Sharma

Noida, India

A Triathlete

Mr. Sukant Sharma working in Insurance company has completed Super Randoneur and also finishes Half Ironman. He is a triathlete and participating regularly in Marathons.

Mr. Sushant Bhatnagar

Noida, UP, India

Be Friendly

Mr. Sushant Bhatnagar is a CA by profession and cyclist by choice. He is most helpful riding buddy in every group ride. He is also a founding member and admin of Cyclocross cycling group. He is participating regularly in 50-200Km group rides. He has also got Super Randoneur title by completing Bravet.

Kanwar Gill

Patiala, Punjab, India


Incredible journey of Kanwar Gill known by the name of AK47 from Patiala..

5 Day’s SR, 6 Day’s SR, 1200 km LRM, PBP Participation, 12th SR ( 7th Indian who completed more than 10 SR’s ), 54+ Brevets, SR On Tandem ( Third pair in India & First in North India to do so.